For those who believed robot dogs can only do what they are programmed for, there’s a new robot dog in town. This new robot dog is here to prove that even robot dogs can learn new things just like a human. The robot dog is designed using the new learning technology which enables it to keep trying till it finally manages to get it right. Instead of coding the best robot dog, one just need to ask the robot dog to perform certain functions and it will keep trying till it manages to get it done.

The robot dog takes about 10 minutes to learn how to get a task done and a good 3 hours to position it to attempt the task. You could ask the robot dog to stop when you feel like. It does take the robot dog sometime to learn various tasks and it’s not guaranteed that it will get it right the first time. Some tasks might take a while for the robot dog to grasp, but the creators are keen on improving the skills and they are optimistic that technology will keep advancing thus enabling this robot dog to perform more tasks in shorter time spans.

The concept is noble and owning a multipurpose robot dog is a dream that just might come true in a few years from now. Artificial intelligence is something that all robot dog designers depend on and this is what could enable this robot dog to function smoothly soon. With the help of the robot dog you will be able to make sure that you have the right kind of companionship and you will be able to teach old dog new tricks as well. This is something that was never possible before.