MP3 YouTube converters are incredibly handy when you found the video you need to download into a certain file format; regardless if it’s a song to set the vibe, a tutorial for a new hobby or a show that you’re dying to watch, YouTube almost has it all. At times, finding a legit MP3 YouTube converter is trickier than it sounds, you’ll come across a handful that contain harmful files or require the user to download apps before they could open the converter. Luckily, offers free download and conversion services for free.

When you open the link above, the homepage will display three options to choose from;converting a video with only the URL or link, converting videos that are already downloaded on the device and an extension of the converter on your browser. There’s no limit to the number of videos that you can convert and as we mentioned it’s free so use the online converter. In terms of how long the conversion will take, even though they offer one of the quickest conversion rates, the duration will vary depending on the length of the video and internet speed. Because of the fact that the online converter is quite popular, there are busy periods due to heavy server loads and when this happens the conversion and download process will take longer. To put into perspective, five-minute videos typically take a minute or so to convert.

As for the video formats, the converter supports various formats like .mkv, .mp3, .mov, .m4a, .avi, .wmv and more. The conversion tool is incredibly popular with those on YouTube but it’s also compatible with numerous other platforms; they’re compatible with Liveleak, Vimeo, Dailymotion and of course YouTube. Videos can be converted on smartphones and tablets as long as they are powered by Android, but iOS devices are limited.