Moving to an entirely new location is a scary and exciting prospect. Before that can happen, a lot of process and paperwork go into the move and it’s definitely won’t be the most exciting part. Apart from the place you’re moving to, the other factor would be how much do movers cost; moving companies will offer varied prices depending on their policies and packages. Also, instead of painstakingly packing and moving every item you own, why not move the entire house?

How Much Will it Cost to Move a Whole House?

Because of the cost of purchasing or building a brand new structure, some homeowners just move their old home to the new location. Dozens of moving companies specialize in these kinds of requests; not only does this save on certain costs as well as maintain some level of comfort and familiarity. Majority of experts say that the average price of moving houses can range from $12 up to $16 for every square foot. Take note that this average does not consider a couple of factors that heavily weight into the price. Alongside the factors below, the cost of moving an entire house could start at $150,000 and reach $200,000 if not more. The major variables in the computation include:

  • Distance from the house all the way to the new location.
  • Crucial permits involved in the process.
  • Additional foundations at the new location.
  • Weight, size and width of the home.

For example, certain states require a whole different permit for this kinds of oversized moving and placement of a built home on new property; brand new connections with utilities might be needed. As for the foundation, these cost $7,700 on average. The final price is tricky to estimate, so better consult the experts before any decision could be finalized.