A Florist is a genuine lover of nature. Some people feel that being a florist is a simple job and all you need to do is put together a few flowers which is incorrect. A florist is a person who knows about flowers delivery and has deep knowledge of how to grow flowers and plants, has a good sense of colours, good interpersonal skills, and good sense of decoration, has a lot of creativity. A florist needs to know which kind of flowers look good together and smell good in a bouquet. Each flower is unique and if arranged randomly then their beauty will not be visible, and here is where the creativity of a florist comes into the picture.

They bring out the beauty of a flower by arranging them and putting in a touch of extra ribbons, glitter, artificial things to make them look eye pleasing. A florist also must have a very pleasing personality to be able to interact with customers and to be first able to understand their need and the kind of occasion they need the flower for. Interaction is very essential for him/her to be able to expand the business and attract more customers.

The competition in the market is huge these days, so a florist must be on a constant look out to improving his skills to meet the growing requirements of the market, which means researching about fresh flowers and leaning new techniques of arranging flowers and making new kinds of bouquets. Their skills play a key role in how well their business grows and expands. Being a florist means you must know how to keep your flowers fresh and decorate your shop attractively so that you can make more sales. The skills of a florist are never ending and they make people’s special occasion even more special with their creativity .