There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when you make a new friend or when you get into a relationship with someone. Firstly, make sure you learn their zodiac sign because this will help you to determine whether or not they are compatible with you or whether you will need to work to make it work. While some zodiac signs blend together seamlessly, there are the others that take a while to blend in and this usually happens when both are strong signs. Aquarians are strong zodiac signs and if you are dealing with an aquarian make sure you check the aquarius personality traits so you can understand more about them.

When you befriend or date an aquarian, make sure you keep yourself prepared to agree to what they say or else you will have to be prepared for a lengthy argument. Aquarians like things to go their way and they like be the decision makers in all situations.

When you are friends with an aquarian or you know an aquarian in your family, you will know that they are very emotional in everything that they do. No matter what the situation, all aquarians try and get their way with emotions. They wear their hearts on the sleeves and they are not afraid to show their emotions in any situation. They are also able to get a number of decisions in their favor with the help of their emotions. This helps them get any decision in their favor and they are also able to turn a losing situation into a winning one. With the help of emotions, aquarians are able to make the most of any situation and make others feel guilty about their decisions.