Microsoft’s latest OS is finally here. The Microsoft 10 which was showcased this Wednesday comes with a fresh approach and a number of added features that users might enjoy. The Windows 10 which is expected to release in the second half of 2015 will be free for most Windows 7 users and above. All those who belong to the Microsoft 10 insider program will get a free preview of the latest operating system. This insider program is called 10074 and is available for free download now. You can now get some of the best screenshots by visiting This is an amazing app that is interesting and effective and happens to be the most convenient app to use. It can be used on multiple systems.

Considering the competition that Microsoft faces, Windows 10 comes with a number of improvements to it. The Live Title Animation start menu is one of the most noted additions to the OS. Unlike the earlier versions of Windows, this version will support higher DPI displays.

The Aero glass which was launched with Windows 7 might also make a comeback with the Windows 10. A number of users were disappointed when this feature was taken off from in the later versions.  Microsoft is currently testing the feature to see if it can be brought back.

With a view to give Apple some tough competition, Microsoft has introduced Apples Continuity feature with the Windows 10 called Continuum. This feature enables users to start their desktops, Smartphones and tablets where they left off. You can also connect your Smartphone to your desktop and sync all data and work files. Microsoft has expanded the list of countries and the stores with a view to increase its market presence and increase sales.