The latest vacuum cleaner from comes with a strong motor that is strong enough take off all the dirt and dust from your carpets. This cleaner comes assembled and you won’t need to waste any time in setting up the device. This cleaner is also efficient to clean up the emergency spills. The device is a lightweight unit and you can easily move it around and store. Although this model doesn’t come with too many tools or accessories, it manages to clean your carpets well. The one thing this cleaner misses is the heating system. You need to manually dry your carpets once you’ve finished the cleaning process. The cleaner doesn’t come with a upholstery tool either, but it still manages t take off the stains from those tight corners since it’s a small device.

This model is a budget cleaner and thus is a bagless device. If you’ve got the latest vacuum cleaner then you won’t have to worry about investing in dirt bags. It comes with a large water tank that works well to provide complete cleaning solutions for your entire home. You also get a free cleaning solution with this device that helps you take off all those tough stains from your carpets.

The cleaner weighs just 5.5kgs which makes it an ultra light cleaning device. The multi row brush bar that comes with this cleaner works well to take off all those tough stains and manages to efficiently clean your carpets from the core. The high suction power ensures it takes off all the dirt and dust from the surface leaving it clean. The latest vacuum cleaner manages to leave your carpets looking glossy and shiny as compared to other cleaners that deliver otherwise dull and old looking carpets after the cleaning process.