You might wonder why you need to shell out such a lot of money on san diego house cleaning services. I understand how most women feel about shelling out such a huge sum of money, but from the experience that I’ve had – and I’ve had a lot which is why I strongly recommend you choose a good quality product even if it means investing a little more money. The Cleaner comes with a strong motor that’s 1350 Watts and is one of the most powerful cleaners in the market. A strong motor enables you to clean your home at a faster rate and ensures you manage to speed up your cleaning process. The strong suction also helps to clean up all the dirt and dust that has settled on your carpets and helps to clean your carpets in the best possible manner. This carpet cleaner comes in a unique design and a strong durable body.

The best part about the Cleaner is that it comes with a heating cleaning process that helps to take off tough stains at a faster sped as compared to most carpet cleaners. The hating cleaning process also ensures you don’t have dry carpets. The cleaner comes with five rotating brushes that include rotating heads and manage to clean your carpets well.

The Cleaner also comes with the SpinScrub technology on the hand tool. This tool is great to take off tough stains from your upholstery and stairs. Since this cleaner has rotating brushes it manages to take off the dirt from deep beneath and doesn’t damage the fibers of your carpet.

The Cleaner is not a compact cleaning device, this is a heavy duty cleaner that weighs about 12 kgs and is a heavy machine. This makes it an ideal solution to clean large homes in one go. The cleaner comes with a tank capacity of 3.2 liters each for clean and dirty water and thus ensures you won’t have to constantly change the water.