There are a number of people who complain of gaining weight due to the stress at work and the unhealthy eating habits. Overeating at work is a common problem and if you’re one of those people who suffer from this problem, you need to get control on the amounts of food you eat before it begins to affect your health. You can read more about it on

If you’ve been following the wrong eating habits, then you need to concentrate on eating right in order for you to live a healthy life and perform better at work. Believe it or not, those who eat more than required are often lazy and feel lethargic as compared to those who eat the right amount of food. This not only hampers the way you look and feel about yourself, but it limits the way you work and doesn’t allow you to perform to the fullest.

Try drinking a cup of green tea. The truth be told, no one ingredient can work its magic on every single person. Every individual is crafted differently and come with different genetics and the capability to digest a certain kind of food.  At the end, if you’re looking to know is green tea bad for you, then you need to ensure your body can handle it well. If you find any symptoms that refer to the fact that this ingredient is making you weak or tired, you need to stop consuming it immediately. After all, one man’s food could be another man’s poison and it’ not compulsory that green tea will work well for every person consuming it.

If you’ve got a history of autoimmune disease then you should try and avoid having green tea since it could worsen the condition. When it comes to consuming any product, even if its natural ingredient you need to check it well in order for you to keep your health safe.