If discussing parents makes him uncomfortable or every time his parents call up he moves to another room to talk to them, he might want to keep you away from them. However, if he is interested in you he will talk to them in front of you without hiding anything from you. A great way to learn whether or not he’s looking for a commitment is to ask him about his family through chat apps.

He Avoids Relationship Talk Completely

If discussing your relationship makes him uncomfortable and he often snaps when you ask him where the relationship is headed, he might not be ready for a commitment. However this doesn’t mean that he is not interested in committing to you or that he is only with you on a temporary basis. It also means that he is a little afraid of committing into a relationship probably because of something that that has happened in the past. If you want him to commit, you need to go slow and get him to become comfortable enough to accept where your relationship stands.

Going For Family Events

If he attends most of your family events and you go to his, there might be something going on. Guys usually avoid taking girls to their family when they have nothing to do with them or when they want to keep things casual. Of you attend most of his family functions and you know his family members well, he might be interested in you but he is just too scared to commit. If the relationship isn’t very old then it would be good to wait for a while before you bring up the commitment talk.

If somebody really cares for you they will not keep a relationship that is on and off for a long time. They end the relationship once and for all or try to get committed.