As we move away from summers to our monsoons to our winters, it is very important to make smart healthy decisions for the weather change that affects us so much. The dryness of the winter makes our skin rough and dries our entire body. That is why having a heater in the room is both a necessity and a bad choice because it also dries up our environment. We can just balance it using a humidifier. This blog will tell you everything that you need to know about a humidifier.

What is a humidifier?

A humidifier is a machine that sprays out tiny droplets of water in the form of mists to increase the humidity of the room and that will you keep away from a lot of diseases like dry nose, cracked lips, sore throat and asthma. Humidifiers help you to keep your skin in great shape. It is great for your furniture and will help you to last your wooden furniture for the bit longer.

Range of humidifiers

You can choose your humidifier depending on your need. You can use a table top humidifier if you are using it for a room or a selected closed space. These table top ones can be carried anywhere and work fine in small spaces but if you want it for an entire house the you should go for console humidifiers or whole house humidifiers. They are much larger than table top humidifiers and can easily humidify a flat with 3 rooms in it.

Type of humidifiers

There are two kinds of humidifiers depending on your budget. Cool mist humidifiers disperse out room temperature mist into the room and can disperse the mist over larger areas whereas warm mist humidifiers disperse warm mist into the room but they travel lesser than cool mist humidifiers. They use a motor to boil water, therefore even require more electricity to run compared to a cool mist humidifier.