Hacking is defined as the invasion or the unwanted access of personal social media accounts by other people. There are various motives as to why this is done, but no matter which way you put it, hacking is still an invasion of privacy. A lot of sites on the internet help to provide Facebook hack tips and tricks, as it is one of the biggest social media platforms nowadays. It thus, holds a threshold of information that a lot of people may want to get, which usually is the motive behind hacking accounts. With that said, what are some other methods through which people are able to hack Facebook accounts aside from Phishing and Primary Email hacking?

Guessing Passwords

This often happens among people who hack their significant other’s Facebook accounts. The urge to hack usually arises in instances where cheating is suspected, as well as in other cases when the death of the loved one takes place without any warning. This is often the first thing that people do, as well as answering security questions on their behalf. Of all the methods, this is one that is easy to detect, as victims usually get alerted.

RAT’s and Keyloggers

This method is most feasible if you have access to the same device that the victim is using. These are spyware that registers or records all keystrokes, hence allowing you to easily trace the passwords that are being inputted into the computer via the keyboard. A download hack tool can also be sent to the victim in cases when hacking is done from a remote area, which essentially does the same thing as other keyloggers, but are sent instead to the laptop or device of the one who wishes to hack the account, making this a more convenient means of doing so.