It is very important to know about the right food you can feed your dog. After all, some food can cause serious sickness to your dog, thus you should know about the food that are safe for them to eat. This also makes it very wise to ask about “What should I feed my dog”, for you to have more ideas about it.

Food That You Should and Should Not Feed Your Dog

To begin with, feeding your dog with protein-based food is the basic thing you should know. You can have meat or soy beans for it, or go for commercial dog food that has protein-based ingredients. It would not be bad to mix a little amount of veggies or rice to the food, as long as it is not too much.

If you want to buy commercial dog food, avoid generic brands.  Remember to look for one wit “human grade” label. This means that you will be buying dog food that are safe for your dog. Grabbing any dog food can seriously harm your dogs. This is because many dog food brands in the market contains preservative, substances and chemicals that could cause serious illness or even death to dogs.

Finally, remember to avoid food with significant effects to the body. For instance, avoid chocolate and caffeinated food at all cost.  Those can cause cardiovascular hyperactivity, which can lead to palpitation and even cardiac arrest. Also, avoid glucose or flour-based food like bread. Those are food that your dog could not easily digest, thus can cause digestive problems and infections.

You can also ask your local veterinarian for more info about knowing “what should I feed my dog”.  Do your research as well, and take your time in finding the right food that your dog will love to eat.