Travelling in a limousine could be a dream to many of us. This dream can now be fulfilled without even having to actually purchase one. Limo rental service shave been started in various countries, where a limo could be hired for a short while. Limousine services usually known as car services have been started in countries like Australia, US where luxurious cars not necessarily limo are rented previously with achauffeur.

If you are looking for a Limo service in Washington DC, Majestic limo could be a good option. Majestic limousine is a limousine rental service which will offer you a wide range of limo at very affordable rates.This service offers shuttle and limo services that includes birthday celebrations, city tours, wedding ceremonies, concerts, games and so on. DC limo and car services could be another option of a Limo service in Washington DC.Renting a Limo could give you a super experience as the stretch limousine is stuffed with all the luxuries. It is stocked with a refrigerator with non-alcoholic beverages, latest videos being played on LCD screens, insulated cabins for passengers (up to 8 passengers), a electronic partition to maintain the privacy of the passengers and so on.

Rental cost of limo depends on the style of limo you want. There are some limos where only seven to eight people can fit, whereas there are some which can take 20 people. The cost could also be influenced depending on which day of the week you want the car. Since Saturday is the day where most weddings take place, renting on Saturday could be higher. How long do you want to rent the limo for could also be a factor influencing the rental cost.There are a lot of advantages of renting a limo,you are aware of what you’ll pay beforehand. If you are planning for a luxurious wedding or for a trip with your family or for a party with your friends, why not go with a limo rental service? It could be one of the most luxurious experiences of your life.