The All-Business,
No-Hype Guide
to Social Media Marketing




Jason and Erik have been spreading their own No Bullshit message to business audiences for years, before they ever put the words down on paper. No Bullshit Social Media Author Jason Falls They are now speaking to groups about why and how they should implement social media in their own businesses.

In their typical No Bullshit style, Jason and Erik educate, inspire, and entertain audiences with stories of companies that have embraced social media to great success, and other companies that ignored social media to their peril (and in some cases, total demise).

Through real-world examples, case studies, easy-to-implement strategies, and plenty of humor, Jason and Erik can deliver keynote presentations or breakout sessions at your next conference, expo, or corporate sales meeting.

No Bullshit Social Media Author Erik DeckersComfortable in front of 50 people or a crowd of 1,000, Jason and Erik will motivate your employees and members, and educate them on the benefits of using social media. Whether it’s for small businesses or large corporations, the message is clear: social media is the wave of the future for customer communication and profitability. They are available to speak together or individually.

For more information, visit Jason’s or Erik’s speaking page.